Bring the War $$ Home – Stop the Cuts to Education

Friday, June 4 – 7-9:30pm

La Paloma Sabanera Coffee House (405 Capitol Ave, Hartford)

On May 4, CNN reported that more than 80% of the nation’s school districts are planning to cut jobs in 2011. More than 275,000 education jobs, at least 2000 of them in CT, are expected to be lost. These attacks will weaken an already sick system and be used to further reduce the power of public workers unions. On March 4, students in California marched in their thousands. A recent statewide student walkout in NJ demonstrated that young people, 16,000 of whom participated in the Facebook organization of the protest, are ready to fight for their right to an education. What can the teachers unions, the community, and the labor movement as a whole do to put a stop to this rout?

Join us for a panel discussion featuring:

June Pinken, Hartford Federation of Teachers, retiree chapter president

Stanley Heller, American Federation of Teachers Reform Caucus, West Haven


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