New study shows activists are happier

People engaged in political activism are more likely to live happier and more fulfilling lives than the average person, according to two psychologists writing in a recent issue of the journal Political Psychology.

“There is something about activism itself that is beneficial for well-being,” says Tim Kasser, co-author of the research paper, which is based on studies of college students. “We found that activists were feeling more autonomy and more personal growth. They also felt they had better relationships, more purpose in life, and they liked themselves better.”

The full article can be found via In These Times.

According to the study, the four psychological components that every person must feel in order to be happy are met by marching, fliering, and even petitioning. They are:

  1. autonomy
  2. competence
  3. security
  4. connection to others

Anyone who wants to try Kasser’s theory out for themselves should contact the campaign and help us put Chris on the ballot! The campaign is run entirely for and by workers and students that are want to make change. Email for more info on how you can help build a movement for a working-class fight back!


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