Today! All out! CAIR-CT solidarity rally

Demand that the US stop all military aid to Israel!

Demand an end to the siege of Gaza, end collective punishment!

When: Friday, July 18, 3pm 

Where: 1 Market st Hartford CT, the Old State House.  


For more information on the current situation read the article below in its entirety at SA News

Israel out of Gaza! Justice for Palestine!


“As we go to press on July 17, Israel has undertaken a ground invasion of the beleaguered Palestinian enclave of Gaza. Naval gunships, drones, helicopters, and F-16 fighters have kept up a constant bombardment of the territory to accompany the assault by infantry and tanks. Israel has called up at least 50,000 soldiers for the operation.

Three days earlier, Israel had dropped thousands of leaflets on some parts of Gaza, warning residents to evacuate since an attack was imminent. But few people left the area; they had nowhere to go.

Airstrikes at the start of the land invasion killed at least four Palestinian children playing on a rooftop, while several nurses were injured when Israeli tanks barraged the al-Wafa rehabilitation hospital. The hospital had also been hit by airstrikes a week earlier, destroying the holding tanks that supply water to patients.”